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As one of the few and the (sometimes) proud Garden Faithful, I have had June 25th marked on my calendar for the last six months. And while next offseason holds far more promise than this one, I have managed to convince myself that a well-planned draft could launch the lowly Knicks into playoff contention; perhaps giving me a reason to care about the outcomes of NBA basketball games past the month of April– or in the Knicks’ case, past December.

I logged countless hours on the couch this year watching college basketball and almost as many this summer analyzing the new NBA combine via ESPNU. I can now feel comfortable saying that I have a very firm grasp of which players we can realistically consider picking in 2 weeks.

While the idealist would have us trading up for Ricky Rubio, this is not a signature Knicks move and thus is automatically ruled out of the picture. The casual fan has written us off as taking Stephen Curry, which remains a possibility, but is far from a certainty.  The only certainty that exists is that we are dead-set on picking a point guard. The other three names that continue to pop up are Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, and Johnny Flynn.

In order, Evans is more of an off guard and would not prove a worthy compliment to King James, the prospective Knick. Holiday would be the disappointment of a true New York pick. He is incapable of leading a team at this point and the Knicks would be better off re-signing Chris Duhon. Finally, Flynn seems to have the spark that D’Antoni’s squad needs. He has the court vision and speed to play an up-tempo brand of basketball and is already a true point guard; not to mention that he is one of the best on-ball defenders in the draft.

However, when it comes to basketball in The Big Apple, logic hardly ever prevails. Predictability is the road most-traveled. The pick of Danillo Galinari made this point amply clear last Summer. That being said, Stephen Curry will be hoisting a Knicks jersey come June 25th, and will likely hear more cheers than boos upon doing so.

Curry is a fine fit for a Knicks team that loves to shoot from long range. He shares that interest and, unlike many current players, also excels on defense. Also unlike many players, Curry seems to have a desire to don a Knicks uniform. He is a competant passer and has a wealth of experience leading mediocre teams to new heights– should be a great fit.

It has also been rumored that Curry’s ties to Lebron James may help woo the superstar free-agent-to-be come 2010. Whether or not this is true obviously remains to be seen, but it is a benefit that a 50-loss team cannot just push aside.

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  1. Nice writing. Keep plugging along. There may be a recession but journalism is changing and the major jobs will not be at the major newspapers like NYT.

    Thank you for stopping by Knicks Fanatics.

    We would be pleased to exchange links with you. Please add us to your blogroll and drop by sometime. We look forward to your basketball insight and analysis.

    Good luck.

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