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So that’s not how the quote really goes…

However, David Goggins, a former U.S. Navy Seal, really is superhuman. He could serve as the butt-end of many Chuck Norris-esque jokes.

Every day at around 3 a.m., after sleeping for only about four hours, Goggins wakes up and runs 15-20 miles.

The sickening part– he is just getting started.

After the morning stroll, he bikes 30 miles to work. During his lunch break Goggins goes for another six to eight mile run. And at the end of the day he bikes the 30 mile trip home.

Nope, Still not done.

After getting home he usually weight trains. He has a resting heart rate that is less than half of the human average. What about weekends? He goes “long.”

The kicker: The man professes to hate both running and biking.

Goggins’ wife says that her husband hasn’t taken a day off in over three years.

Why would he do this? If he hates to run and hates to bike, why would he ever bother to cover a marathon’s worth of ground running and tack on a 60-mile bike commute (let alone do it each day)? The answer is charity. He is constantly “in-training” for ultra-marathons and other endurance challenges in order to raise money for the children of fallen soldiers.

His story does not stop there. Thirteen years ago Goggins, then 290 lbs., was deemed physically unfit to join the Navy. So that’s when he started running, right? Wrong. He picked up weight training and healthier eating habits to trim down, and was in uniform within a year.

After serving for over a decade in the Navy, Goggins heard about some of his friends dying in Afghanistan. He felt horrible, and wanted to do something for their families. However, a lemonade stand did not feel like the right kind of thing to do. He wanted to feel a pain similar to what the troops felt overseas, so he Googled “the 10 hardest things to do.” That was when he discovered the Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135 mile running race that took him half-way across the state of California… in 120 degree heat.

Goggins hit a snag though. The race director told him that he could not run the race without any previous ultra-marathon experience. Not only had Goggins not run an ultra-marathon– he hadn’t even run a regular marathon. He begain his “training,” and registered for a San Diego 24 hour race. He was in shambles afterward, but decided to signed up for a marathon as well… ten days later. And finally, just to impress the race director, he completed the H.U.R.T. 100 Miler, a trail ultra-marathon.

In 2006, Goggins finished fifth in Badwater’s 84-entrant field. But he was again, just getting started. He, like many endurance athletes, decided to explore triathlons. However, in typical Goggins fashion, did so in an unconventional way. He did not enter a sprint distance; he did not enter an Olympic distance; he didn’t even enter an IronMan distance. No, he entered an Ultra-Man.

What’s that? A double-iron man. A 6.2 mile swim, 171 mile bike ride, and 52.4 mile run. Baby games, Goggins finished 2nd.

And another kicker– he came in second without ever having owned a racing bike. He rented one.

He has since won a 48 hour race, in which he covered 203 miles, as well as an 150 mile race. Over the last few years he has raised over $1.5 million dollars and helped send over 250 children of soldiers to college.

He runs these races for more than just charity. He wants to test his limits, and never stops until he reaches them. “I’m different than most people. When I cross the finish line of a big race, I see that people are ecstatic, but I’m thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow. It’s as if my journey is everlasting and there is no finish line.”

Recently he was diagnosed with a birth defect that created a virtual “hole” in his heart. He underwent surgery two weeks ago and plans to complete the Race Across America, a bike race, in six days. If an actual Iron Man exists, David Goggins would most likely be able to kick his ass.

I will end with this. Crop circles are David Goggins’ way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lay the fuck down.

Enjoy the video while you start to feel guilty about the 4-mile jog that you just went for

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