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Epic failure. But not a new tune to the ears of a Mets fan.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I have witnessed the  biggest choke act since, well, Orlando last night… and Orlando in Game 1.

Regardless, Castillo could have done us all a favor and stuck with ‘no comment’ or ‘I screwed up.’

“The ball was moving a little bit” was what he went with instead. Dropped the ball there buddy… again (pun and saltiness both very much intended).

Jerry Manuel could have also done a little better in his addressing of his second baseman’s blunder. A direct and powerful message like ‘that kind of play cannot happen’ or ‘we all have to keep our head in the game for 27 outs,’ would ensure that such an occurrence is not repeated.

The Yankees were classy but blunt in their post game commentary. Jeter owned up to stealing the game and consoled Castillo with the cliche ‘everybody makes mistakes sometimes’ line. Rodriguez, who hit the ball, described his utter shock and Teixeira, who scored the winning run, did the same.

For the Mets, terrible play, poorly executed postgame verbiage, all around failure. On the bright side, Philadelphia managed to lose, so our 4-game hole remains just as deep as it was prior to A-Fraud’s “heroics.”

Hey, at least Castillo wasn’t the only one to botch a routine fielding assignment Friday night.

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