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For starters, I could have gone with a much catchier title for this post using the aging quarterback’s last name. Perhaps I should have.

The above image has been making its rounds on the internet, and not without just cause. Yesterday, the three-time NFL MVP owned up to being interested in coming back to play another season. He admitted to having been in contact with the Minnesota Vikings and Coach Brad Childress and expressed excitement while contemplating the prospect of handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson, who is widely considered the league’s top running back.

Favre’s only concern is whether or not his surgically repaired shoulder will heal in time for July workouts. He was asked by Childress to partake in Minnesota’s team activities last week, but declined because he did not want to create a media circus. Too late.

He claims to be very familiar with the team’s offense already, and I would be absolutely shocked at this point if he did not return. His mind seems all but made up. I will, however, offer Mr. Favre a word of advice: DON’T.

Your final games with the Jets were horrendous. You appeared to have lost a step and choked on America’s biggest stage. Returning to football again is just going to tarnish your legacy further. While handing the ball to Adrian Peterson seems like a great idea, do you have any idea who you would be throwing to? Bernard Berrian is your prospective number one wide receiver. He’s average on a good day. And beneath Berrian, Robert Ferguson? At least in New York you had Laveranues Coles, a legitimate target, as well as Jericho Cotchery and Chansi Stuckey, two other respectable options.

A season in Minnesota for Favre would be the equivalent of Mike Tyson’s return to boxing. It would make Michael Jordan’s final comeback seem rational and worthwhile. It does not matter that the Vikings won the NFC North last year; the Bears, Packers, and Lions all sucked. That’s like being the coolest kid at a spelling bee… or better yet like being the leading scorer on the Clippers. It’s nothing to brag about.

Favre has earned all the right to come back. Nobody can argue that. Then again, so did Jordan and so did Tyson. But Brett, just do us all a favor and don’t– you already messed up once.


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