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Still reeling from the game 5 loss, Dwight Howard is wound up and in need of some uplifting. It is essential that he b-relaxed. He needs to rest up before he tries to revive his focus and charge on defense. An NBA career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, endurance is vital-T.

Okay, so the last T did not make sense, but give me some credit– those were some impressive VitaminWater references. Why did I make them? Because Dwight just got a dose of Formula 50, pure and uncut. Fine, I’ll stop, just watch the clip.

In conclusion, Dwight, you are not the best. Kobe is better than you. Oh, and apparently you’re not half the VitaminWater salesman that 50 Cent is. I guess you can just consider yourself an all-around failure.

But hey, VitaminWater welcomes you anyway.

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  1. Had not seen or heard about this! Great video great info. I have you on my blogroll now –

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