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This week it was announced that Major League Baseball’s All-Star game would feature 33 players on each roster. This is one more than the traditional 32.

The rationale: adding another slot for a pitcher would prevent the overuse of any one arm. I disagree.

MLB rosters are allowed 25 active players. This means that teams are able to navigate through a 162 game season with eight fewer bodies than this gathering of “elite” talent.

While it is nice to award so many players the honor of being an All-Star, and surely the record online voter turnout has provided officials with ample nominations for team members, the last thing that Bud Selig needs to do is add another roster spot.

Perhaps encouraging the teams’ managers to better manage their pitchers would be the best solution if fatigue is the major concern.

An obvious driving factor behind this move was last year’s game. It went 15 innings and obviously taxed the AL and NL pitching staffs more than anticipated. Again, teams often have to cope with such conundrums during the regular season. The All-Star managers, who were chosen based on their managerial competencies, should be able to adjust accordingly.

If other managers are fearful that their pitchers may be overused during the game, they should offer that pitcher’s roster spot to the next highest-voted player. And while this might possibly yield a lesser turnout, it probably wouldn’t.

Those who suspect that player participation would waiver significantly would cite the NFL’s Pro-Bowl as evidence for their claim. However, baseball is not a contact sport, and even if some individuals did decline their invitations, it would be better to have players who wanted to play.

Baseball could actually take a page from the NFL’s All-Star playbook. Take the game for what it is; nothing more than a good time. Do not put any unnecessary pressure on players or coaches. Involving home-field advantage during the World Series is ridiculous, especially considering that the vast majority of participants will see the benefits of their work. Many go into the game knowing that their team has no chance of playing October baseball.

Because baseball takes itself so seriously it hurts itself. Yes, it is nice to motivate players, but the honor of being named to such a team should be enough. All-Stars don’t need an extra spark lit underneath them. They are All-Stars because they are already motivated to succeed and know how to.

There is absolutely no reason to expand rosters. Pitchers can work for more than an inning each. They have all done it before. Get your panties out of a bunch.

Just buck up and bring the cheese.

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